Cancer and women

Almost every adult woman knows that breast cancer claims thousands of lives each year around the globe. Sadly, many women do not realize that they are at risk for lung cancer and stomach cancer, too. Until a few years ago, the vast majority of people considered colorectal cancer a disease for men and cervical cancer a woman's disease. However, that is not the case. Although men cannot contract cervical cancer, women are at risk for developing both cervical cancer and colorectal cancers.

Consider some statistical information about cancer

Slightly less than 15% of all global deaths in 2008 were attributed to cancer. Experts have predicted that in 2030 over 11 million people will lose their battle with cancer. While it is true that smoking is blamed for many lung cancer cases, untreated infections play a major role in third-world countries. There are reports that 20% of the cancer-related deaths in poorer countries can be traced back to infections. Surprisingly, even with medical advancements and new treatments in the more developed prosperous countries, up to 9% of the reported deaths started with an infection.