Can I choose the gender of my baby: Baby gender selection methods

Can I choose the gender of my baby: Baby gender selection methods

Parenting is the best part of any couple’s life but to give birth is sometimes not easy. The human body is very complex as it carries many issues. Sometimes, the female is not physically healthy and can’t conceive healthily and result in miscarriage. So, for all these issues, science has many options to go through. Now, you can even change the gender of your child during pregnancy or before; there are many methods that you can apply for your baby.

In some societies, gender selection methods are forbidden. But in western countries, especially the U.S has an increasing rate of gender selection. They demand babies of their own choice, freezing their eggs for a specific time and after that inject again in the ovaries whenever they want it. It’s not less than a miracle of science. Many celebrities are now often trending these methods, and general people are more into it. It helps people in different situations and now widely spread in many countries and become famous.

Reason to apply these methods:

The reasons for the implementation of these procedures are many, some for following it as a trend but for many; it is the necessary or only solution. People use to apply this method for many reasons like:

a.      Aim to increase the number of specific sex:

Mostly single parents are used to taking this process in surrogacy. They probably prefer to have a baby boy. Another example is a couple that plans for only one child then they may prefer to get a child of their choice. So, technology can solve their problem.

b.     Family demand:

In some families there is an excess of the same gender like 80% of the kids in the family are boys so, they need girls to balance their family ratio. Many problems are also seen because of this misbalance situation of the same gender, or your family requires a baby boy or girl.

c.      Death of a child:

Some parents are not so fortuned to have their baby, the end of a baby might bring you to this level to take this treatment for the next baby. They often demand the same gender as the next one. These techniques also help sad parents to come over their mishap.

d.     Social issues:

In third world countries, people use to like baby boys rather than girls. So, in that kind of communities, these methods become more popular.

In the present day, you don’t need to worry about the baby’s gender because we have some methods in which you can get the gender of your choice.

Methods of gender selection:

These methods are as follow:

1. Sperm Categorization:

This process now used widely. The sperm is sorting use to help the couple to save their family from specific genetic disorders. In this process, altering the X and Y chromosomes and freeze them. During pregnancy, many tests are held to check the increasing chances of which gender, if results are according to the parent’s desire than ok, otherwise, the freeze chromosomes added in the ovary to increase the chances of a specific gender. This procedure is FDA approved.

Success rate:

The success rate of this process is from 70-85 %, and it is now widely available with many other options added recently.

Price of the whole procedure:

 The amount of it started from 1300 to 2500$ of each session. The amount may vary because of the condition and choice of gender.

2. Microsort:

This procedure also works as sperm sorting one but the difference is only one chromosome is altering is this procedure. This one is not implemented right now because of many problems but still somewhere are in working.

Success rate:

The success rate of this process is though high than sperm sorting, but the government never approve this procedure because of incomplete research’s results. Around 75-90 is the success ratio that noted during this process.

Price of the whole procedure:

This process is charge around 3400$ per attempt.

3. IVF w/PGD:

The full form is In Vitro Fertilization with Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, and this one is a more authentic and well-managed process in with embryos are tested and created for IVF. The couple can harvest multiple eggs and also they have the option to freeze embryos for future if they need it then. It’s a high dose of therapy, and some people have side-effects because of anesthesia. It’s a time consuming and slow process, but people are more satisfied with this method.

Success rate:

This method has the highest success rate of about 90-98 %, and this is huge. Couples are highly satisfied with the whole procedure and almost in all examine; people are qualified and get their desired gender.

Price of the whole procedure:

The amount of every attempt of this method is charged from 14000 to 25000.

4. Gender Select, LLC:

This procedure is now available. It is entirely different from the above methods like there is no egg harvesting, no need to generate an embryo and there is no need to take any medication. The best thing is that it doesn’t have any side-effects and no anesthesia is required during the process. Like other procedures, it takes less time, and only one attempt is enough for the primary method.

Success rate:

The success rate is around 70-80% from the beginning,

Price of the whole procedure:

The cost of this procedure is 1600$ on each try.

3 hour complete procedure time

$1,600 per attempt.

5. Natural methods

Landrum B. Shettles has developed a theory named Shettles method and wrote it in his book “How to choose the sex of your baby”. According to this theory, the female sperm is slower however stronger than male sperm, and certain acidic situations in the body may negatively influence the success of male sperm.

While the baby’s gender selection depends on the timing of sexual intercourse. For example, if you want to have a baby boy, then insemination should have to happen near the time of ovulation in light of sperm’s speed. At the point when the egg ovulates, there is a lot of chance that before the slower female sperm, the faster male sperm may touch the base of the egg. While, in the event that you need a baby girl, insemination should have to happen 2 to 3 days before ovulation.

Since, different aspects of the Shettles theory contain climaxes and sexual position, which may affect the development of the sperm and the acidity inside the vaginal zone. Despite the fact that Shettles theory guarantees high effectiveness, the recent studies and surveys had illustrated that there is no effect of sexual intercourse timing upon the gender of the baby.

The selection of these methods depends on your requirement and your current condition. Doctors are taking a few tests before these procedures and if, you qualify for the specific way that they refer you to make it. Otherwise, leave it on nature because the after effects may more harm and dangerous that also affected on your coming baby. Though the results of any methods are positive, the medical field is not giving you any guarantee because maybe your body reacts opposite from the plan. So, no one is sure about it.