Can You Time Your Pregnancy

Can You Time Your Pregnancy

Every married woman has a desire to have a baby in her life. There are lots of people whose desire don’t come true because of different reasons. You cannot point out to a single reason for not having a baby. While the top of the list is the sexual issue to the male or female. There are lots of cases in which either male’s sperms are not much strength to help female to conceive baby or female’s eggs are not much strength to absorb the sperms. While both conditions can also occur.

But sometimes it happens that both male and female are sexually healthy but they still fail to conceive the baby. The reason for this condition is the timing of sexual intercourse or plan to have a baby is not suitable for conceiving due to which they constantly fail to get pregnant.

When to have Sex

After you have decided when you are well on the way to ovulate you have to start concentrating on the ideal time to engage in sexual relations. When you ovulate you are just ready to conceive for around 24 hours. This implies that great planning is important. Fortunately, sperm lives for almost 5 days. According to your graphs, you can start having intercourse normally 6 days before the normal date of your ovulation and proceed regularly until the day after you ovulate. This will enhance the opportunities to conceive a baby in your ideal month.

There is also a question in most of the people’s mind that is it possible to time the pregnancy. Well, the answer is, you can do this. For this purpose, here we are going to tell some of the things that will help you a lot:

1.    Getting pregnant is tricky

You will get better luck to get pregnant if you offer yourself a couple of months to get pregnant as opposed to sticking your expectations on one specific month.

A teacher of the University of Washington named Vicki Mendiratta worked on a study and observed that almost 85% of the women get pregnant inside a time of trying, while just about 8% to 10% do in a given month. In this way, he gets to know that people should just try to get pregnant instead of focusing on their own expectations because a woman’s ability to get pregnant don’t depend upon a person will and expectations. So, getting pregnant on a cue is tricky. Just keep trying and after some of the tries, you will get better results.

2.    Know your cycles for better chances

If you get better knowledge about your ovulation cycles, you can have better chances to get pregnant. It is absolute that every woman knows when she is going to ovulate.

A common lady usually ovulates around 14 days before her monthly periods. It’s her most fertile time. In the event that you have the cycle of 28 days, then you will ovulate on the 14th day but you ovulate on day 22 in the event that you have 36-days cycle.

So, you should have to sex at your most fertile time which is during the three to four days.

3.    Perform the right amount of Sex

Couples who attempt to conceive a baby should realize that they ought to have a lot of sex. But the actual thing to consider is, what amount of sex is perfect for conceiving a baby?

Most of the doctors recommend that state performing the sexual activity for at least 3 to 4 times each week offers huge chances to conceive a baby. You may enhance the chances of getting pregnant by engaging in sexual activity consistently, as long as the man has a typical sperm count.

4.    Maintain Basal Body Temperature

A couple of months before you need to consider begin graphing your temperature. Each morning before you get up or do any sort of physical movement take your temperature and record it. Regularly your temperature will ascend somewhere in the range of .4 and .6 degrees amid ovulation. By monitoring your temperature for a while you will almost certainly foresee ovulation so as to decide the ideal time for you and your accomplice to engage in sexual relations.

5.    Decide whether to Try Early

It can take a while to get pregnant, so you could possibly need to begin a couple of months before your ideal time duration. Remember that a few couples get pregnant in the first month of their attempt.

Well, according to assistant professor of Loyola University Chicago, if there is a time that you completely would not prefer to deliver, avoid to conceive a baby at that time. It will not a good option for you to attempt for baby at the time because mental satisfaction is very much effective in the conceiving process.

6.    Keep It Fun

You may have heard that the best part about attempting to get pregnant is having intercourse constantly. So, don’t put excessive weight on yourselves. Being focused doesn’t help.

A British survey found that ladies who felt mentally disturbed are not much able to get pregnant even during their most fertile time period. So, it is important to enjoy sexual intercourse and feel the pleasure to enhance the chances of getting pregnant.

7.    Be prepared for surprises

There sometimes happen that you don’t want to get pregnant but in reality, pregnancy can happen at any time. It is unpredictable. The child can be born before or later than expected. So the due date of the baby born is not perfectly confirmed.

Since there are lots of doctors that alert patients about the issues that may come up in their pregnancy. It keeps them away from delivering baby nearby their due date. Stay aware of your pre-birth care to properly get known about your assumptions that when you will have your child.

So, if you successfully want to get pregnant according to your desire, consider the above-described tips. It will help you a lot to conceive a healthy child whenever you are ready.