Common complications during pregnancy

Common complications during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time when a woman needs more love and care from the family. All pregnancies are not going as smooth as people plan it. Sometimes, unusual things and disease start from pregnancy because of many reasons like cousin-marriage, family disease from family and many others. Many issues are started because of excess weight or a low-weighted mother. Some problems are general like morning sickness, feel dizzy, mood swings and less eating. A proper check-up is requiring for you if you are dealing with pregnancy for the very first time.

Common complications during pregnancy:

1.     Anemia:

Many women complain about this problem. This happened because of unhealthy red cells or body carries a low rate of red cells, and as a result, the mother feels tired. If you never treat it properly then the mother will later complaint about breathing. Red cells carry oxygen and supply in the body but when the amount is less than it needs than mother feel problem in breathing and restlessness during sleep. It is not only a mother’s problem, but the child also gets harm because of it. Mother is the only source to supply red blood cells in her body and also supply oxygen to her child. So it will be dangerous for both of them.

The best way is to consult your doctor or midwife and test your blood hemoglobin. If the reports are not accurate, you should ask about the precautions and treatment of it. You can avoid anemia during your pregnancy by eating healthy food, and the most important thing is iron intake that is essential for bones.

Some primary symptoms of Anemia are as follow:

  1. Dizziness
  2. Feel tired all the time
  3. Leg cramps
  4. Pale color

2.     High blood pressure:

High blood pressure is not only a common disease, but it also effects at any age. The leading cause of this is an unhealthy diet included more oil and sugar intake that develop fat in your body. Later these fats create many issues in your body. This can be cured only by a healthy diet and routine. Not just obese females are suffering from this problem, but skinny women are also complaining about it. Reasons are many like stress, unhealthy routine, sleeplessness, etc.

Blood pressure is a result of a blockage in arteries because of fat and the strength of blood increase and high blood pressure take place. High blood pressure directly effects on the baby. According to research, the weight of the baby rapidly decreases if, the mother suffers from blood pressure. This disease is notified during the second half of the pregnancy and stay till delivery or in some cases; females carry this disease throughout their life.

Some primary symptoms of High Blood pressure are as follow:

  1. A severe headache
  2. Breathing problem
  3. Fatigue
  4. Chest pain

3.     Hyperemesis gravidarum:

This condition is commonly seen in mothers. This happened when the morning sickness takes a beautiful shape of it. People think it is a common symptom, but in reality, it might decrease your health and keep you down. In that case, go to your doctor and ask about it. It started from the very fourth or fifth week of the pregnancy and ended up by twenty weeks.

It can be cured with a change in your diet and consultation of your gynecologist. If its only morning sickness than ok, it will be finished after a few weeks but if, it is not then you need a doctor. Don’t panic and do not take any medication without a doctor’s permission.

Some primary symptoms of hyperemesis gravidarum are as follow:

  1. Low blood pressure
  2. Weight loss because of less eating
  3. Vomiting
  4. Dehydration

4.     Itching:

When the baby grows and your abdomen stretch, the itching started. This happened when the blood supply and the skin feels sensations. Commonly, itching is standard in every pregnancy, but if it still happened then, you might arrest under some severe liver problem. Do not make any assumption before consulting a doctor because sometimes, female use many skin care products and perfumes that are also causing this kind of itching. So, it may be just a minor allergy. 

The severe condition might be the liver issue, and that is called Obstetric cholestasis in general. Only rare cases are seen in this condition and the third month of pregnancy is the target of this disease. The treatment of this disease is necessary. You can avoid it with good food and a healthy lifestyle.

Some primary symptoms of itching are as follow:

  1. Unstoppable Itching
  2. Worst in night
  3. Finger pores and soles of the feet are affected more
  4. Pale skin and white eyes

5.     Miscarriage:

This term is used when a woman loses her child during pregnancy. This generally happened in starting the month. The reason of this are many; it might because of health problem or carelessness of mother, sometimes, the mother even don’t know about her pregnancy and continuously workload and unhealthy lifestyle cause of it and sometimes, naturally happened.

Some primary symptoms of Miscarriage are as follow:

  1. Pain in the abdomen and the back
  2. Bleeding
  3. Leg cramps and pain
  4. Tissue discharge through the vagina

It is better to start proper check-up while pregnancy begins. An appropriate guideline is necessary for all pregnant ladies. Some often experience their first pregnancy. To make your pregnancy plane and memorable, follow your gynecologist properly. Do not take any condition so casually because small issues create a big problem or lead to a significant disease.

Some issues during pregnancy are common, and almost every woman suffers with it because of the change in body and shape. When the baby grows inside the body, your skin might deal with many another issue except itching. So, it is better to discuss every situation with the doctor or midwife, they give you a proper solution and will guide you. Keep yourself healthy with a good diet and add some best memories in your life from your pregnancy time. Enjoy every bit of it.