How to conceive a smarter child

How to conceive a smarter child

It is fact that when a woman is pregnant, she faces so much emotional and physical variations. All the things happen because of her baby’s nature and his emotions influence upon hers. Similarly, the activities and other aspects of a woman’s life depend upon the mental and physical growth of a child. It is also medically proven that all the daily life activities, emotional swings, physical health, and disorders are not good. They directly affect the mental and physical health of the child which is inside your womb. So, if you want to conceive a smarter and intelligent child, you should have to consider the following things:

1.    Start a Story time habit

It is medically proven that the baby in your womb can memorize the sounds that you actually hear regularly. The sounds and voices that you hear regularly, your unborn baby in your baby memorize it and learn from them. That’s why most of the doctors recommend that mothers should start a story time habit. So, their unborn baby memorizes all the things that they are reading and listening. They should start to read something interesting and smarter content. This thing will help their babies to be smarter. Because they will learn all the things before their birth that they have to learn after their births.

2.    Stay Active

During your pregnancy, you should be active both mentally and physically. To stay healthy and active, you should exercise daily. In this way, the hormones that your body releases during exercise will cross the placenta. It makes your baby get the bath in such kind of chemicals. That will be beneficial for him and also make him feel good. In addition, when you exercise you will get the increased flow of blood in your entire body including your womb. That will help your baby to have better mental and physical growth.

3.    Get a little Sunshine

During pregnancy, you should have to balance all the vitamins and nutrients of your body. So, one of the essential Vitamins that the body needs and is very much beneficial in different aspects is Vitamin D. The best source of this Vitamin is sunshine. That’s why most of the doctors recommend a pregnant woman to keep her body in the sunshine for 20 minutes daily. In this way, their body will be able to maintain the proper ratio of vitamin D. Also their baby will get the benefits of Vitamin D.

4.    Vary Your Diet

As we have discussed above that the unborn baby requires the perfect balance of Vitamins and nutrients. It is essential to have perfect mental and physical growth. That’s why it is important that the pregnant woman should have to maintain the perfect dieting routine. She has to vary her diet because every food item contains different combinations of vitamins, proteins, and nutrients. In this way, she is able to obtain all the nutrients. She can offer her unborn baby all nutrients and help him in his better mental and physical growth.

5.    Avoid any kind of drugs and alcohol

If a woman is pregnant, then it is very much important to avoid any kind of drugs or alcohol. It helps to maintain her and her baby’s health. It is very much clear that all these kind of substances are very much harmful to any person. But in the case of a pregnant woman, it becomes more crucial and affects more speedily. All these substances can easily harm the mental and physical health of both mother and child. And also affect the baby’s growth inside the womb. So, it is very important to avoid all kinds of substance if you are pregnant.

6.    Massage Your Bump

According to medical specialists, your baby becomes able to feel the touch on your bump after 20 weeks of pregnancy. He becomes very much able to distinguish the touch of his mother and his father. In this scenario, stroking on the surface of mothers bump offers the calming message to the baby’s nervous system. So, experts recommend that mothers should have to message her bump. With the almond oil after one or two days. So, her baby gets relaxed by feeling the loving touch of her mother. In addition, this messaging activity will also relax the tissues of the mother’s belly area. It helps to reduce the chance of skin issue that most of the women face after pregnancy.

7.    Talk to your Bump

According to most of the medical specialists, babies start listening to different sounds and voices inside the womb after 16 weeks of pregnancy. They become able to make the connection between the ears and brain within this duration. It is also stated that newborn babies naturally respond to the languages and accents that they hear in the womb. So, if you want that your baby get learned most of the things before its birth and he easily and speedily understands the things that his mother or father say to him after his birth, then it is important to let him familiar with your languages and accents directly inside the womb. So, the mother should talk to his baby through her bump whatever she wants to get him to know.

8.    Play Music to Your Bump

Along with the talks and storytelling, you can also make your baby love the music and build his music taste according to yours by simply playing the music to your bump. In this way, you can make a beautiful memory of your child because whenever he will listen to the music that he had listened in the womb, he will feel great and recall all the memories about the time when he had first listen to the same music before his birth.

 It is also stated that the unborn babies are naturally music loving due to which, if you play music to your womb, then you can make your baby feel good. It will relax the mental state of your baby inside the womb which will help him to be developed with more mental and physical health.

Well, the things that most of the doctors recommend for a pregnant woman in her pregnancy period are above-described. So, follow all the above-described tips if you want to have a smarter and intelligent baby.